Stable Diffusion Video Stable Diffusion Video

Introducing Stable Diffusion Video

Input Image Output Video

Tool Introduction

Stability AI has released Stable Diffusion Video, a groundbreaking foundational model for generative video. This model is a significant extension of their previous work in image models, specifically building upon the Stable Diffusion image model.

Target Audience

The primary users of this technology are expected to be AI researchers, developers involved in video generation, and enthusiasts in generative AI.

Release Date

November 21

Key Features

  • State-of-the-Art Video Generation: The model represents a significant advancement in AI video generation capabilities.
  • Adaptable to Multiple Applications: Can be fine-tuned for tasks like multi-view synthesis from single images.
  • Image-to-Video Conversion: Offers two models that can generate 14 and 25 frames at customizable frame rates ranging from 3 to 30 fps.


  • Open-Source and Research-Focused: The code and weights for the model are available on GitHub and Hugging Face, encouraging wide participation and improvement.
  • User Preference Superiority: In comparative studies, this model has shown superior performance to existing closed models in user preference.
  • Research Preview: Currently available in a research preview, indicating an ongoing process of refinement and enhancement.
  • Exclusive to Research: Intended for research purposes and not yet for real-world or commercial applications.
  • Part of a Diverse AI Portfolio: Stable Diffusion Video joins a range of open-source models by Stability AI, covering various modalities such as image, language, audio, 3D, and code.

Usage Instructions

  • Code and Model Access: Interested users can access the code on GitHub and the model weights on Hugging Face.
  • Web Experience Waitlist: Sign up to access an upcoming web experience featuring a Text-To-Video interface, showcasing practical applications in various sectors.
  • Feedback and Safety Considerations: Users are encouraged to provide feedback, especially regarding safety and quality, to refine the model for eventual broader release.

Additional Information

  • Future Plans: Stability AI plans to release a variety of models that build upon this technology.
  • Commercial Application Interest: Those interested in commercial applications can stay updated by signing up for the Stability AI newsletter.

Classic Examples of Stable Diffusion Video

Stable Diffusion Video has been effectively used in a variety of applications. This includes auto-generated music videos that sync visuals with beats, text-to-video creations where scripts or descriptions are transformed into dynamic videos, and innovative projects using mov2mov technology to enhance or alter existing footage.